inkSaint Petka of Serbia Serbian Orthodox, 11th Century

Icon painted in early/mid 20th Century and brought to me by my parents after a trip to Eastern Europe


was conceived in August 2005 while I was participating in a technology "boot camp" called Summercore. I wanted to learn how to develop and use the World Wide Web in my teaching. The project has been ongoing ever since then, and it keeps expanding, as you will discover if you rummage around in this site. This page is for my students at ESJ and for anyone else who would like to see what's here. Most of what I have learned in my life has been outside the classroom; the classroom has always been a contact opportunity, and now we are no longer limited to the time and place of class. Educational contact means a lot more than it used to.  There is only one essential difference between my students and me; I have more experience. Most of my students are smarter than I am, so I expect to learn more than anyone else in any class I teach. We have much to teach each other, and I hope this will help. From time to time I post student work. Probe whatever looks interesting, even if it's not a course you are presently taking.

 I love to think. Our powers of reason are God's gift to us, but reason has its limits. Reason that refuses to recognize its own limits is by definition unreasonable. To be truly human, we must reach beyond reason and fall in love with the living God to whom reason has been pointing all along. So. . . we start to pray, and then everything changes!

--Bert Harrell, August 2014


Photo by Sarah Weaver, Class of 2010